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Our high profile Field Pulleys for continuous-loop machines are excellent for use on all field conditions with varying vegetation.  They also have a unique "convertible" design: no more buying two different kinds for corners or hold-downs, and no more shoving stakes through eye-bolts. One pulley can serve both functions using our easy to swap bracket (two included); for use on all terrain, gradients and slopes!

  • Tops machined from durable Acetyl
  • 1/4" steel barrel
  • Internal high-quality Japanese-made sealed roller bearings for smooth and easy 
  • 10-pak comes with four 7" stakes for each pulley
  • If you need hold-downs, you can purchase our exclusive bracket; see the Pulley page to order.

Extremely durable and well-made under very strict quality-control requirements, these field pulleys are designed for use with the L'il Monster, L'il Demon, and all drag lure machines.

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  • Item #: FPLH-10
  • Manufacturer: Wicked Coursing

Field Pulleys High Profile (10-pack) - Continuous-loop

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