ZippityDog-ZR - Wireless Remote
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WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL! The ZippityDog-ZR is a truly awesome machine! It comes with:

  • 23,000 rpm, 1/2hp motor

  • Power-leveler with its own motor - keeps the
        line spooling smooth and straight!

  • Speed Control - can go slow for smaller
        dogs and kitties but top speed is
        about 35mph!

  • One channel, wireless remote control - set
        your ZippityDog on the ground and run your
        dog with one hand!

  • Bright LED power indicator light

  • Sturdy RED case with a handle!

  • 200' braided Dacron line

  • Custom machined spool

  • 12v system with 1.2Ah rechargeable battery
        - extreme speed!

  • Integrated charge port

  • 1 high-quality, machined field pulley

  • 12v wall battery charger

  • Complimentary accessory kit - spare fuse,
        allen wrench and swivels

Like all the ZippityDog machines, this little powerhouse is robust and fast!  Use this machine on short grass with a plastic bag or feather lure for best results. Cal also be used indoors!

The ZippityDog-Z is great for 

  • dog daycare centers
  • home use
  • light birding applications
  • zoos with small enclosures

This machine is probably not the best choice for larger breeds or bully breeds, as they are just too rough for this little machine.  We do NOT recommend this machine for club use or larger training applications.

Because of the speed control, you can use this indoors with your domestic kitties, too! Don't forget, though, this is a very light-duty and SMALL machine - 200 FEET isn't a lot for fast animals...but, oh, so much FUN, FUN, FUN!

We've wired this machine so the leveler runs constantly - the minute you flip the main power switch, the leveler will start running - to prevent any backlash and tangles, so don't be alarmed when it comes on!

For a great video about this little machine (wireless remote video coming soon), go to our YouTube channel here:;

For sample course layouts and to see the Owner's Manuals, click here:

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If you live outside the USA, you'll need to order a power converter and/or plug adapter for your country's current and outlets - we do not carry them.

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  • Item #: ZDZR
  • Manufacturer: Wicked Coursing

ZippityDog-ZR - Wireless Remote

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