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Our comprehensive 63-page Field Training Manual for Domestic Dogs is an indispensable tool for all lure coursing clubs and individuals. This can be used as a beginner's guide to getting started in lure coursing, but it also deals with topics beyond the basics.  It contains detailed information on everything from how to properly lay out a course to how to keep dogs on the lure to their best advantage, to basic field first aid and conformation suitable for coursing.  Here's the overview of chapters:

Introduction - Dogs and Lure Coursing Basics

Section I.  The Basics and Safety

Chapter I: Lure Coursing Crew Field Positions 

Chapter II: Lure Coursing Basics

i. How to create a safe course

ii. What constitutes an unsafe course

iii. How to keep dogs on the lure to their best advantage

Chapter III: Safety and First Aid

i. How to evaluate a dog for safe coursing

  1. Locomotion and Gait Analysis
  2. How this applies to lure coursing

ii. Dog safety on the field

  1. General Injuries
  2. Injuries Specific To Lure Coursing And Obstacle Coursing

iii. The Basics of First Aid     

Section II. Equipment: Operation and Maintenance

i. TheBattery

ii. The Motor

iii. Cooling System

iv. Drive Pulley

v.  Field Pulleys

vi. Lures

vii. Field Kit

viii. Attaching the lures to the line

Section III. Field Work

A. Field Setup

i. Setting up the machine; start & finish

ii. Setting up the pulleys

iii. Line tension

iv. How the line and the pulleys fit together

v. Running Dogs on Your Course

vi. Ready to Run

vii. Stopping the lure in the right place

viii. Running through turns

ix.  Reversing the lure

x. Dogs cutting the field

B. Recap and preliminaries

Section IV.  Sample Course Layouts                  

Section V. Gait Evaluation Sheet


This manual is a must-have for every field work library.  Get yours exclusively from Wicked Coursing!

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