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This is another Wicked Coursing exlusive! Setting up a field can be challenging but the pulleys right in front of the machine can be downright exasperating! Our new Field Header takes all the head-scratching out of the setup - 3 of our machined large field pulleys permanently mounted on a plate aluminum platform: one to drop the line in front of the machine, and two for directionals out to the field; works with ANY field configuration:

  • Pulley tops CNC machined from durable Delrin
  • Heavy duty steel barrels
  • Each pulley has two internal high-quality sealed ball bearings for smooth performance
  • Mounted permanently to a rigid 1/4" aluminum plate base
  • 4" ribbed spikes included for staking the assembly to the ground

You won't find anything like this anywhere else!  This product make setting up your field so easy, even an novice can do it.  Extremely durable and well-made under our usual strict quality-control requirements, the Field Header is designed for use with the L'il Monster, L'il Demon, and our other extreme machines including the Raptor and the L'il Brute.

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  • Item #: FH
  • Manufacturer: Wicked Coursing

Field Header - 3-pulley setup for top of the field

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