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Our Exotic Predator Pulleys are perfect for use with the larger lures the big cats love to chase plus they have a unique driveable spiral foot that will not come out until you want it to.  Also designed for use with dogs and larger lures such as squawkers, pelts, etc. 

  • 7" pulley machined from black acetyl
  • Internal high-quality bronze sealed roller bearings (2) for smooth and easy
  • Spiral 10" footer for use in all soil conditions - leave them in all year round!
  • Bright red vinyl caps to protect the threaded top when the foot is left in the ground
  • Requires a 1" wrench or driver to insert into ground (not included)

These Predator Pulleys stand about 7" tall from the ground. These pulleys can be left in place for long periods of time - just unscrew the pulley from the anchor and install the red vinyl cap.  Highly visible and protects the threads from the elements.

Extremely durable and well-made under very strict quality-control requirements, these field pulleys are designed for use with all continuous loop and drag lure machines.

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  • Item #: FPLX10
  • Manufacturer: Wicked Coursing

Field Pulleys: Exotic Predators or dogs (10-pack); large lures

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