L'il Monster K9 WIRELESS Racing Package - DC CONTINUOUS-LOOP
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WOW - A WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM!!  THERE'S NOTHING LIKE THIS ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE PLANET!! Get our top-of-the-line DC continuous-loop with WIRELESS and be free to move about while running your dogs!

The L'il Monster Wireless provides phenomenal performance for all events and all dogs - never be tethered again.  Whether you're running FASTCAT, AKC/UKC/ASFA coursing events, or fun runs, the L'il Monster Wireless can do it all with your lure operator able to move about and see everything on the field from any level.  Fully reversible and compact with an extremely high-quality, impact-resistant case, and a heavy-duty, yet small-footprint motor that will challenge all sighthounds and exotics, yet be easy enough for the little ones to run against.** This big little powerhouse comes with everything you need to run except a battery and charger.  This is a DC (battery) powered machine.

This complete system comes with:

  •  L'il Monster continuous-loop machine - HOTROD BLUE!
  •  Pistol-type transmitter with trigger: 2000 feet+ WITHOUT LINE OF SIGHT RESTRICTIONS, and suitable for all applications.  ALWAYS have complete control of your system! Precision, American made electronic controllers that work with a 2.4GHz receiver and transmitter; comes with a padded carry case for your wireless transmitter - waterproof surface and shockproof!
  •  String Winder for string retrieval and storage
  •  Field Header - makes course setup sooo easy!
  •  10-pak Large Field Pulleys (high profile for use with plastic bag lures)
    • If you'd like the predator pulleys instead, and/or hold-down brackets, please let us know and we'll adjust your order (hold down brackets can be purchased on the pulley page)
  •  50-pak lure tips
  •  3 rolls of 250# braided Dacron line - 3,000 FEET
  •  Our exclusive Field Training Manual: 65 incredible pages of information on how to run dogs, how to set up a safe course, field safety
         and first aid, prey drive, and much, much more! Only available through Wicked Coursing!
  • Coming soon - Our online video training courses on using our fine equipment will be launching soon, so stay tuned!

 The machine specifications:

  • A 12v, 2.6 hp motor designed for continuous use without overheating - NEVER BURN UP ANOTHER MOTOR!
                As torque (or drag) increases, RPMs decrease and the amperage draw on the motor increases. For this motor:
    • At 0.8hp: draw is 100A, 4,200 rpm
    • At 2.14hp: draw is 210A, 2,600 rpm
    • At 2.5hp: draw is 265A, 2,200 rpm
      So, the lighter the load (light lure, mowed park grass, smaller course), the better the performance.
  • A one-piece, 11" precision machined drive pulley - this is our exclusive, patented design that's slim, lightweight, never needs adjusting
        and NEVER comes apart or shifts because it's one piece - no clunky nuts and bolts to tinker with, and it will run any size string! 

  • Integrated forced-air cooling system - cools the INSIDE of the motor, so NO OVERHEATING!

  • Voltage meter - keep an eye on your battery!

  • 1/4" machined aircraft aluminum face plate and frame, powdercoated in flashy Candy Blue!

  • The L'il Monster comes with an internal battery platform - simply slide the battery inside and the extra weight will hold down the machine while running; remove the battery when you're done for the day.  Battery is not included; we recommend the Northstar NSB-A6U-34M or the Optima BlueTop D34M and nothing else.

  • All this in a portable case with wheels and a telescoping handle

  • Highly-visible, easy to use kick-button battery quick-disconnect switch right on the front of the machine;

  • Our continuous-loop machines are covered by a 90-day warranty from the time of shipping to you. The motor is covered by a limited 1 year manufacturer's warranty and it's made in the USA!

**We used to post top speeds for our equipment but because there are so many factors that may impact performance for any given machine at any one time, we've taken that information down.  The top speed that a motor can run is not the point: Our equipment is designed to be able to outrun the dogs and that is what it does!

If you want the best, this is it! This is definitely not your grandpa's coursing machine! Why struggle with outdated equipment that burns up? Ours never burn up and they're built like tanks!

We do not provide a battery or a charger with this package. You'll need an Optima BlueTop D34M battery or a NorthStar NSB-A6U-34m and a rolling manual battery charger if you don't want to run out of juice in under about 90 minutes. With the right charger on the battery while you're running your event, you can run all day.  If you have a Sears Gold DieHard Manual rolling charger that works well, great, but those are no longer being manufactured so we now recommend the Associated Products Fully Automatic rolling charger Model ESS6008 and nothing else.  The Associated Products charger is expensive but like our equipment, it's built to last.

PLEASE NOTE: We currently have a minimum of a 6 week lead time on all our large systems, so please plan ahead when ordering.


Watch our great videos, go to our YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/wickedgrrl1;
For sample course layouts and to see the Owner's Manuals, click here: https://wickedcoursing.com/layouts.html

If you need to substitute anything or have any questions please give us a call so we can help you determine what you need.

(Note: if you intend to run multiple dogs for more than a couple of hours, you'll need either an additional battery or you'll need power to your field - either a generator or electrical cord/outlet with the correct battery charger.)

Shipping and insurance fees to your destination are separate and will be calculated at checkout but before you purchase.  We may need to adjust shipping once we see your complete order because some things will have to ship separately and sometimes the shopping cart doesn't get it right.

Again, if you have any questions please email us at info@wickedcoursing.com.

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  • Manufacturer: Wicked Coursing

L'il Monster K9 WIRELESS Racing Package - DC CONTINUOUS-LOOP

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