Lure Baby STANDARD Drag Racing PACKAGE
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WE'RE HAVING A BABY!!!  Back by popular request, our 2019 Lure Baby Standard Racing Package is very similar to the Lure Baby High Flier but it has a cabled hand control - you'll be running the machine by a 10' cable.  Exceptionally high-performance motor that is extremely fast and suitable for all dogs - even sighthounds!**  It's easy to use, very robust, and incredibly fun!   The Lure Baby Standard Racing Package includes: 

  • Extremely efficient and fun...and FAST!
  • 12Ah rechargeable battery (UPGRADE TO 21Ah ABOVE! - MORE POWER!)
  • Cabled hand control - 10 feet
  • Highly visible VOLTMETER! Keep an eye on your battery!
  • Custom high-quality spool
  • Custom-designed, efficient leveler* to eliminate backlash - new model for 2019!!
  • Aluminum base plate for added rigidity
  • 1,000' of 250# braided Dacron line
  • Integrated hard-shell case
  • 4 high-quality, machined drag-lure field pulleys with two sealed ball bearings for smooth, cool running, and a 7" shaft
  • 12V Battery charger
  • 45-day warranty

The Lure Baby Standard is perfect for:

  • Club use - JRT races/trials, Fast CAT, fun runs, etc.
  • Home use - use in your yard, at the park, anywhere with grass!
  • Dog daycare centers
  • Training applications
  • Birding applications
  • Zoo applications

Best used with a plastic bag lure or small toy on short grass conditions - not for extremely rough field conditions but should be fine on low or mowed field grass.  PLEASE ALLOW 4 WEEKS FROM ORDER TO SHIPPING (this is an estimate).

**We used to post top speeds for our equipment but because there are so many factors that may impact performance for any given machine at any one time, we've taken that information down.  The top speed that a motor can run is not the point: Our equipment is designed to be able to outrun the dogs and that is what it does!


The leveler is a device that prevents backlash and tangles.  Backlash is what happens when the line comes in faster than the motor is turning the spool.  Running these machines is accomplished by a momentary button that you touch-release, touch-release, touch-release, the whole time you’re running.  On the release, the motor slows down.  Because the spool is attached to it, the spool also slows down, however the string does not because it has momentum and it causes a series of loops that fall over each other; they’re not knotted so you can pick them apart, but it does take a good hour to do so, effectively ending your running session.

The leveler prevents backlash and its consequential tangles by moving the line back and forth as the line is coming in and back onto the spool – very similar to a levelwind mechanism on a fishing reel.  The line still makes loops, but the leveler trains the incoming line over the loop and holds it down instead of allowing the loop to get tangled into the next loop. The leveler runs constantly, from the moment you turn on the master power switch so even when you’re slowing down at the end of the run, the leveler keeps running and managing the line.

We build all our machines to order, so when you place your order it will be put into the production queue and we'll build it in the order it was received.  Currently there's a 4+ week lead time on our mid-sized machines (this is an ESTIMATE ONLY).

We package our equipment very carefully so it will arrive in perfect condition but if something happens in transit, please let us know.

To watch our great videos, go to our YouTube channel here:;

Shipping to your destination will be calculated at checkout before you purchase.

NOTE: if you're purchasing this from outside the USA, you'll need a voltage converter and outlet adapter for the battery charger.

If you have questions, please email us at

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  • Manufacturer: Wicked Coursing

Lure Baby STANDARD Drag Racing PACKAGE

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