String Winder Machine
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The String-Winder is a great little machine and we've made it even better and dropped the price to boot!  Use this with a portable drill and you're ready to bring your string in from the field.  It is a stand-alone unit designed to spool up all that line after a hard day of running dogs. This unit comes with:

  • New, larger 10" take-up spool – holds up to 4,000 feet!
  • Sturdy internal metal spool shaft;
  • Bright orange ammo-type case for easy transport;
  • Designed to be used with your own cordless drill (not included)

Portable and very light weight - about 3 pounds! - this is a must-have for field events where you're using a continuous-loop machine.  No more fighting with a drive pulley to put a spool on the shaft!  Just attach your own cordless drill to the spool shaft and in under 2 minutes, your line is all in!

Purchase this with either the L'il Demon or L'il Monster continuous-loop machine and we'll give you an additional $20 off!  What a deal!

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  • Item #: SW
  • Manufacturer: Wicked Coursing

String Winder Machine

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