System Design and Consultation - Level 1
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When you want a custom system or need something that doesn't exist, we can provide complete design and consultation services. We can design anything that's related to a coursing-type system for predator enrichment applications in any environment.

Our Level 1 design service includes all course designs, drawings, and layouts for standard 3D systems and installation, plus ongoing consulting for 6 months. You provide us with information on your site and we'll come up with a design to make your new system work!

If you want something that doesn't exist, you'll need our Level 2 service: design and creation of specialized 3D systems and components for any application on any plane: vertical, horizontal, subterranean, or aerial.

Equipment and components are not included with our consulting services. No travel or on-site consulting is included in this service, but is available upon request. Please contact us for details and pricing.

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System Design and Consultation - Level 1

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