Training Clinic 5-Day
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Do you have a club or group who needs training? Unsure of how to run a coursing event?  Need a seasoned Lure Operator to teach you and your crew?  This 5-day comprehensive lure coursing training clinic will teach all the ins and outs of coursing plus it goes into great detail on how to run successful events.  The clinic culminates in a real coursing event that you and your crew run!! Can accommodate up to 10 students. Each student receives:

  • 63-page Field Training Manual
  • Pet First Aid book 
  • 12 hours classroom course work
  • 20+ hours hands-on field work

After the final exam and upon successful completion of the course, each student will receive a personalized Certificate of Achievement suitable for framing.

Here's a capsule of what we teach:

  • Hands-on lure coursing training
  • Lure Coursing Field Positions
  • Lure Coursing Basics Creating a safe course
  • What is an unsafe course
  • Keeping the dogs on track
  • Safety, Gait & locomotion - evaluating dogs for safe coursing
  • Dog safety on the field: General Injuries
  • Injuries Specific to Lure Coursing
  • Field Pet First Aid
  • Equipment Operation & Maintenance
  • Course Layouts & Field Work
  • Lure Coursing Event management and production

You must have your own equipment and a sufficient number of dogs to run with every day for several hours. The clinic price includes two travel days (in addition to the 5 day workshop)

for the instructor to get to your location and to get back home.

Order here, then contact us to provide travel and hotel arrangements for the instructor.  If you'd like to come to us, please contact us for discount pricing.

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  • Manufacturer: Wicked Coursing

Training Clinic 5-Day

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