Machines for Dogs - Drag, Continuous & FastCAT Packages

Lure coursing is a fun dog chase sport!  All dogs can participate and earn titles.  Now you can own your own equipment - our machines start at an affordable $295.00 and most come with either a wired hand control or wireless remote!

You'll find the right type of equipment you need right here: whatever you need, we have it!  Looking for a discount? Check out our Discount Coupons page HERE!

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If you need more information on how lure coursing works or what type of equipment is right for you, please visit our website

1 - 9 of 9 items
1 - 9 of 9 items

 We have the highest customer satisfaction in the world and we stand behind our products 100%.  Nobody else does that!

  • Bumper to bumper warranties on all products
  • Real live person to talk to both before and after the sale
  • Equipment that is built specifically to perform for these specific applications
  • Gorgeous equipment you will be proud to show and use
  • FUN-FUN-FUN!!!

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