ZippityDog-S - Non-leveler model
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This is the original ZippityDog - simple little drag lure with NO leveler

The ZippityDog-S is great for everything! Home, park, or travel, the ZippityDog is so small you can take it anywhere. Perfect for dogs, cats, even small birds of prey. Hey - this is the perfect present for the dog or dog-person in your life!!  The ZippityDog comes with:

  • 23,000 rpm, 1/2hp motor;
  • Bright LED power indicator light;
  • Sturdy blue case;
  • 150' braided Dacron line;
  • Custom machined spool
  • 12v rechargeable battery;
  • Integrated charge port;
  • One high-quality, machined field pulley;
  • Wall battery charger.

Best used with a plastic bag or feather lure.  Use this machine on short grass for best results.  Use indoors, too.

For a great video about this little machine, go to our YouTube channel here:;

This model ZippityDog cannot hold any more line than what comes with it, folks, as it will impede performance.  (If you want more, get the ZippityDog-Z as it has 200' and a leveler)

We package our equipment very carefully and every machine is run-tested before we pack it.

(NOTE: if you live outside the USA, you'll need to obtain a power converter and/or plug adapter for your country's current and outlets)

Please allow THREE WEEKS for completion of your order.  FREE USA SHIPPING!

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  • Item #: ZDS
  • Manufacturer: Wicked Coursing
  • Cannot ship to: Croatia

ZippityDog-S - Non-leveler model

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